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Showing our ability fully in intense "Digital Age", we aims at a challenging company
which possesses all "Shape" and "Intellectual properties" without sticking to a stereotype.
Chiyoji Kudo

Corporate Profile
Company NameCosmo Design Co. Ltd.
Address7F MK Bldg.2-3-2 Taito Taito-ku,
Tokyo 110-0016, Japan
FoundationMay 1992
Capital90mil yen (July 2002)
CEOChiyoji Kudo
BankSumitomo Mitsui Bank Ueno Branch
Mizuho Bank Ueno Branch
1992After leaving Sanyo Electric, a representative established the company.
1993Executed an engineering development entrustment contract with Rohm.
1998Executed a development entrustment contract with Samsung Electronics, System LSI Department.
1998Executed a development entrustment contract with Sony, LSI Dept.
1999Executed an entrustment contract with Sanyo, MOS-LSI Dept.
2002Executed an agent contract with Ryosan Co.,Ltd.
2004Executed trade contract with Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.,LTD.(GPSC)
2005Awarded the Sony Green Partner Certification.
2005Awarded the Environmental Management System(ISO14001:2004).
2009Executed trade contract with Renesas Technology Corp.
2011Development of power supply module for LED lightings are launched.
2015Apartment proprietary company and contract. (Tokyu Community, Haseko Corporation, Community one)

Planning, development and sale of semiconductor IC
As a fabless semiconductor manufacturer, we are planning and developing motor drivers, linear regulators, DC-DC converters and LED drivers, etc. and have many sales record to the major makers.And we possess a lot of patents about ICs as intellectual properties.

Semiconductor firmware development
We conclude development contract of semiconductor firmware with a Japanese major semiconductor chip manufacturer and are developing software programs for LSI of the most advanced equipment for a long time.

Development of power supply module for LED illumination/Planning and sale of various LED illumination
We have been developing various power supply modules of transformerless with our own brand LED driver IC. We develop the power supply modules and are planning and has been selling the LED illumination products with this module. We would like to contribute to energy conservation society by applying the knowledge and experience of a semiconductor we've gained till now.

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  Head Office:7F MK Bldg. 2-3-2 Taito Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0016, Japan

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